Why Should Companies work with us? 

Saving our clients time and money in the recruitment process is our topmost priority. Our team of dedicated client relations managers works with each client to understand their unique talent needs and pains. While HR at your company may be experienced in recruiting, it usually takes someone with specific industry knowledge about the job’s skillsets to find candidates that will excel at your company. Our global reach gives us access to a diverse talent pool in the USA and outside the USA. Call us today at 314.462.7003, Email us at sales@placementexpertsusa.com

We take into consideration COVID guidelines for in-person interviews. 

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Our recruitment process is customized with these resources –


  • Personal Recommendations
  • Own DataBase
  • Employee referral program
  • Job boards
  • School career service offices
  • Specialized career fairs
  • Alternative online sources
  • Partners

Initial Screening

  • Years of significant experience
  • Assessment of technical skill sets job-specific and industry-specific for Banking, Healthcare,  Manufacturing, IT and other industries
  • The relevance of previous clients/projects
  • Roles performed in previous assignments
  • Stated English communication skills
  • Education, certification, training and other credentials
  • Salary benefits negotiation 

Interview Process

  • Technical Interview & English Evaluation
  • Phone assessments 
  • Audio and Video conferencing
  • In-Person interview if required by the client 
  • 40+ coding skill testing 
  • Real-life simulation testing 

Final Interview & Reference Checks

  • If a candidate is approved, the final interview takes place, where we are able to determine the candidate’s adequacy for each position
  • Get at least three references from past projects.
  • Verify all the references – to decide whether to proceed or not.

Job Offer

  • Job offers are presented to candidates including a detailed list of benefits.
  • Candidates are given up to two weeks to analyze and respond
  • Once accepted and the start date is agreed upon, he/she is presented as available.