We proudly provide IT recruitment solutions across all verticals; including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, technology, government, manufacturing and telecom/utilities.

Our Recruitment Process

  • Identifying hiring need

  • Sourcing talent

  • Background screening

  • Personality and Behavioral analysis

  • Audio Video interview

  • Face to Face Interview

  • Technical competency skills test for IT candidates

  • We use ATS with integrated MSP and VMS portals

  • Salary and benefits negotiation

  • Submitting best fit candidates to Companies

IT Recruitment process

Our technical skills assessment is compliant with all major industry standards including EEO, ADA, data privacy and SOC 2

We use job-role and industry-specific tech assessments for recruitment for popular to niche tech roles such as Software Developers, Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, UI/UX Designers, Automation Engineers, Cloud Architects, IT Support Staff, Product designers, etc

  • Step 1

    Resume matching with job description and standard background check.

  • Step 2

    Talent Assessment

    Phone Screen – tool assesses the candidates listening and speaking skills

    Coding Test – Special AI software is used to test technical competency using prebuilt assessment library in over 40 coding languages tests
    Our customized, competency-based assessments test candidates on real work tasks including situational-judgment questions, behavioral attributes, IQ, job-related skills and overall job-role and culture fitment.
    Behavioral and Personality tests are administered to see the job applicants adaptability to your company culture.

    Interactive Tests – Gauge a candidate’s skill level, personality traits, skills and cultural fit from the assessment results.
    You will get a complete report of test scores, plagiarism score, and key-by-key replay.
    Customizable add on specific questions based on your requirement allows us to further find the right fit for your company.

  • Step 3

    The precise candidate report captures the video recording all through the session which is accessible anytime for review along with a complete audit trail covering data such as skill reports, monitoring & plagiarism reports and video & screen recording.
    Hire with confidence with our full-proof method ensuring quick turnaround and reduced hiring costs.