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Small Business ( Less than 10 employees ) – You will provide us with a job description. We spend the amount of time you are comfortable with doing phone screens, follow-up calls, networking calls, Internet sourcing and pre-qualifying. You get a qualified candidate ready to interview. 

                            10 hours = $750

                            20 hours = $1500

Growing Businesses ( 10-30 employees ) – $600.00 per week and a success fee on hiring. The open position is posted on a variety of job boards, such as Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, AlljobsUSA, in addition to our own internal recruitment portals. After resumes have been screened for qualified candidates, those resumes are sent to the hiring manager.

Large Corporations ( 30+ employees ) – A small administrative setup fee, in the beginning, followed by a percentage based success fee.

  • Contract.
  • Contract to hire.
  • Contingency placement ( Permanent hire )
  • Retained search ( Permanent hire )
  • Temporary staffing – we do for selective positions only mainly in skilled jobs category like administrative, account representatives, entry-level IT interns.
  • Contact us at
  • Contact us/Connect with us – by Email ( ) or Phone ( +1 (314)-326-7401 )
  • Schedule a discovery call 
  • Our team will be in touch within 3 days 
  • Additional charges may apply for CPT/OPT placements

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We do not charge anything to job seekers. Additionally, we can assist you with resume editing and review, Linked in profile updates, mock interview prep, personality development, and confidence-building.
Our charges for the same are as follows –

  • Resume editing ( includes industry and job-specific resume and cover letter edit ) – $ 60 
  • Linkedin profile update ( edits to the executive summary, about us, experience and education section ) – $ 60 
  • Personality development ( practical and concrete model to do a SWOT analysis and improve body language, confidence ) – Based on hourly rates
  • Mock interview ( reducing anxiety, improving your job-specific interview and questions and answers practice with a mock interviewer and overall presentation tips and strategies ) – Based on hourly rates

We provide for part-time, full-time, remote and contract positions.
Job roles like this and many more

  • Administrative positions – Secretary, Office Assistant, Executive Assistant
  • Accounting positions – Senior Accountant, Staff Accountant, Tax Accountant, Cost Accountant, Auditor, Finance Positions
  • IT positions – Entry-level developer, Network administrator, Data Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Business analyst, Sales, Marketing, Legal assistant
  • HR positions – HR Professionals, HR Specialist, HR Director

Working with us gives you the opportunity to work with a local team of dedicated recruiters who are accessible to your HR team at all times giving you access to local, national and global talent.

  • Make It Consistent –  Standardize your hiring process using our assessments and standardized interview tasks.
  • Reduce Time To Hire – Identify the top candidates, engage with them and close positions faster with detailed audio-video recordings of the interview process proctored by our team.
  • Save Time –  Filter out candidates who are not qualified at the top of your funnel. Reduce the number of interviews and save hiring manager time.
  • Reduce Bias – Reduce conscious and unconscious bias by standardizing your screening process.
  • Improve Candidate Experience – By clearly defining hiring criteria and sticking to it.