Working with an actual local recruitment agency is less expensive than working with an online agency.

The charges of the Recruitment company are usually based on a small retainer along with commission only on successful hire, however, the online companies charge the Client based on pap per click model it means that out of 100 -1000 resumes you received and if you clicked on 150 and hired 1 of them you have to pay for 1000 that came in your inbox.

VERSUS that a Recruitment agency with real human staff will sift through at least 100-150 resumes and then send you a list of 10 or 20 possible matches. So you see the value and time and money saved in working with a local staffing and placement company is multifold. Why wait - Call us today!

Placement Experts USA

We provide recruitment, staffing and placement services for manufacturing, Information technology and food ingredient companies in St. Louis, Midwest region

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