Understanding the unique environment and needs of each company is the key to our success and our designated team stays in touch throughout the year with HR manager at your company in order to be up to date with any changes that might affect the man power need at your company Some of our initial clients belong to Food industry with specific needs for Administrative, Manufacturing, Sales and Accounting positions in USA, Canada, Mexico. Contact Us

Our Through Talent finding process includes  :-

Resume matching, phone and in person interviews before short listing a candidate for our clients.

  • For IT placements we do special coding tests with our dedicated Glider platform
  • Background Check – As part of our thorough screening of candidates we have partnered with Glider.ai and conduct technical screening, and other detailed behavioral, personality screening quesitons for our clients.
  • Past employment history.
  • Salary and benefits negotiations.
  • Education verification along with paralegal issues as necessary.
  • Email us to schedule a visit with your HR Manager today.
  • We also do audio and video recording of the interview as per job specification by companies.

Often times we incorporate additional steps in the process as per preferences of each and every client. Being Industry specific and meeting the standards of our clients guarantees satisfactory results for our client.