Why companies should work with us?

  • Local presence with access to Global talent, we are certified as MWBE that employs real people to find the best talent for your company.
  • Our affiliates in Midwest region are several organizations like ACCSTL, HCCSTL, SBDC Missouri, SBDC Illinois.
  • We provide upfront clear pricing, multiple vendor relationships to control cost.
  • Focussed on maximizing companies ROI.
  • We provide HR solutions across multiple industries tailored to each company exclusively.
  • Our designated team stays in touch throughout the year with HR manager at your company in order to be up to date with any changes that might affect the man power need at your company. Contact us below

How Companies benefit from working with us ?

  • Make It Consistent – Standardize your hiring process using our assessments and standardized interview tasks.
  • Reduce Time To Hire – Identify the top candidates, engage with them and close positions faster with detailed audio video recordings of the interview process proctored by our team.
  • Save Time – Filter out candidates who are not qualified at the top of your funnel. Reduce the number of interviews and save hiring manager time.
  • Reduce Bias – Reduce conscious and unconscious bias by standardizing your screening process.
  • Improve Candidate Experience – By clearly defining hiring criteria and sticking to it.