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  • We reach out to potential candidates individually that will best fit open job position.
  • Our Team ask for at least 2 current work references and a personal reference.
  • Mandatory Drug test required based on company requirement.
  • We carry out independent background check and reference check
  • Our team hold interviews over the phone, in person, and/or a series of interviews before presenting candidate(s) to you.
  • For IT placements we do special coding tests with our dedicated platform. 
  • We present shortlisted candidate(s) by email, including our notes from the interview(s)
  • The Companies sends us the offer letter and we send the offer letter to the applicant
  • Final signed offer is delivered to client
  • We follow up and get feedback from the client and the candidate.

Additional services we provide for the job applicant 
• Resume writing
• Interview Skills improvement
• Internship and job training
• Onboarding
• Salary Negotiations
• Mock interview practice